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  • The Fifth Movement Of Paul Taylor’s Esplanade

    The Fifth Movement Of Paul Taylor’s Esplanade

    In the fifth movement Paul Taylor’s Esplanade, prepare to be entranced by the spontaneous, yet beautifully controlled movements of the dancers. The movements are at the same time both flowing and strong as the dancers run, slide, jump, leap, and fall in almost continuous motion. The complete and unquestioned trust the partners have in one another is inspiring, uplifting, and freeing. Much like the master of choreography himself, Paul Taylor’s autobiography has it all. You see not only the story […]

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  • Paul Taylor Dance Company – Promethean Fire

    Paul Taylor Dance Company – Promethean Fire

    Paul Taylor’s technique is characterized by the use of natural gestures we use throughout the day. Rather than using specific dance movements, he uses body language to express emotions and the complexities of human interactions. In Taylor’s choreography he addresses issues such as sexuality, morality, war and spirituality but also brings warmth and excitement to his masterpieces. The founder of one of the first American modern dance companies to tour America, Taylor, now in his 80s, continues to this day […]

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  • Horton Technique Class With Kat Worthington

    Horton Technique Class With Kat Worthington

    Horton’s approach was unique in that it was developed to honor dance as an anatomical expression. Horton sought to push beyond the existing limits of the human body by exploring different ways for the body to express itself. It was so unique and unaffected by others’ influences that it became known as Horton Technique. A master of the stage and a brilliant choreographer, Horton has continued to inspire and influence the dance community with his  genius perspective long after his […]

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  • Twyla Tharp Dance Video Tape, Sadler’s Wells

    Twyla Tharp Dance Video Tape, Sadler’s Wells

    Twyla Tharp, an American dancer and choreographer, studied with Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham. She later joined the Paul Taylor dance company but within two years started her own company. Tharp’s style can best be described as having “a little of everything.”  Although it was improvisational in nature, she used ballet technique combined with walking, running, and skipping. Her approach was light-hearted with sometimes unexpected, quirky movements such as little hops and shrugs of the shoulder. The music Tharp chose […]

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  • Merce Cunningham – The Coast Zone (from The Collaborators)

    Merce Cunningham – The Coast Zone (from The Collaborators)

    Avant garde in approach as well as controversial in nature, there’s no doubt that Merce Cunningham nonetheless had a significant impact on modern dance. Unlike many of his predecessors, Cunningham’s creativity wasn’t based on emotion. Rather he centered his choreography around the magnificence of the human body and the beauty it could bring to the moment. Watch this excerpt, The Coast Zone, from the film, The Collaborators, in which he works jointly with John Cage, composer, and Robert Rauschenberg, visual […]

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  • Margaret Jenkins Dance Company/Guangdong Modern Dance Company

    Margaret Jenkins Dance Company/Guangdong Modern Dance Company

    Margaret Jenkins is considered a post modern choreographer. Post modern in that she utilizes movement that is less structured and that features more unusual forms of dance composition than does modern… Throughout her career Jenkins was an advocate for cultural artistic exchanges. In Other Suns (A Trilogy) you will see how she blends American and Chinese dance traditions. Enjoy how Jenkins uses the intricacies of balance, force, momentum, and partnering to create this continually shifting composition. Feel free to share […]

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  • Loie Fuller In Danse Serpentine

    Loie Fuller In Danse Serpentine

    Loie Fuller was known as the skirt dancer. In this video of her Danse Serpentine you’ll see why. Watch as the feet and hands drive the beautiful, ever-changing patterns of the fabric. The patterns are further enhanced by the way they capture the different colored lighting, lighting that Fuller herself designed. Stop the video every few seconds or so to enjoy the shapes and colors made by Fuller’s movements. Share this short video with your friends. It’s a wonderful diversion!

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  • A Classic Isadora Duncan Dance

    A Classic Isadora Duncan Dance

    Isadora Duncan was considered by many to be the founder of modern dance. It was she who paved the way for Martha Graham’s more serious and technical approach to modern dance. Duncan’s life, as well as her approach to dance, was characterized by the unconventional. She was the first dancer to move away from the strict discipline of ballet and toward a much freer style of movement. Her idea was to connect emotion to movement which was under-scored by her […]

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  • A Mesmerizing Korean Dancer!

    A Mesmerizing Korean Dancer!

    The choreography seems a little one-dimensional, but there’s no question as to the talent this young woman has. Supposedly this isn’t the music that was originally used, so the impact the choreography would have had otherwise is likely diminished. After watching the video, I turned off the sound and simply watched this dancer’s beautiful, liquid movements. Ahhh! Music of its own making! Dancing Korea offers not only an overview of the history of Korean dance but also explains its culture […]

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  • Mikhail Baryshnikov And Gregory Hines Dance In “White Nights”

    Mikhail Baryshnikov And Gregory Hines Dance In “White Nights”

    These two dancers came from very different training backgrounds. Gregory Hines was a tap dancer known for his improvisational style.  Baryshnikov, of course, was classically trained. Though both are dancers you’ll never tire of watching, you’ll notice the differences in their styles. This is one video you’ll want to watch through once, then go back and stop it periodically to see a side by side comparison. Watch their feet…as well as their upper bodies. Watch this 1985 political thriller and […]

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