Alwin Nikolais – Tensile Involvement

Alwin Nikolais, founder of the Nikolais Dance Theater, viewed man as part of his total environment. This can be seen in the works he choreographed which, as his dance theater grew, received international acclaim.

Nikolais brought into his choreography experimental props, lighting, and sound with which the dancers blended, interacted, and became one. His emphasis was on form and the abstract, so unlike his predecessor, Martha Graham, who embraced emotion in her work, often with a story line.

In Tensile Involvement you will see the dancers attached to long elastic bands which intersect with each other as the dancers move across the stage, then on and off stage.

Alwin Nikolais, master of movement and of the total theater experience… I hope this video brought you pleasure and that it will do the same for others you share it with.


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