Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater – Divining (first half)

Principal dancer: Elizabeth Roxas
Music: Kimati Dinizulu and Monti Ellison

An excerpt from Divining.. Choreographed back in 1984 by Judith Jamison, this was her first work for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and now one of her most well-known.

(Ms Jamison was AAADT’s artistic director from 1989 until Robert Battle succeeded her in this role in 2009.)

Set to percussive, rhythmic drumming, Divining is African, urban, contemporary, and somewhat demure all rolled into one. However the phenomenal execution and the passion and musicality with which it’s danced, some years ago it was felt that Divining and some of AAADT’s other oldies but lovelies had become old hat and that they may not stand up well in modern dance’s current environment…unless the company expanded its repertoire.

The good news is that since the early part of the century the company has indeed taken on the challenge and has even included works that reach beyond its African-inspired beginnings.

Whatever your feeling…or your judgement, however, there should be little question that Divining and so many of the Ailey company’s other earlier works are an integral part of modern dance history. History that we want to keep alive and thriving. Otherwise, how can we possibly understand modern dance today nor what it will become in the future.

In the late fifties, Alvin Ailey had a dream, a dream of forming a company that would express through dance, and create a legacy of, the cultural history of the African-American. His dream came true. And beyond his dream? He brought to the modern dance scene a uniqueness and creativity that has made his company an international phenomenon. Please like and share his legacy with others.

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