Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet – Pharoah Sanders & Muriel Maffre

Jazz saxophone legend Pharoah Sanders together with ballerina Muriel Maffre, San Francisco Ballet, and Corey Scott-Gilbert of Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet..

The tempo of this work accentuates the beauty we see in this performance. The clean definition of each movement, the beauty of the dancers’ physicality, and the confidence these dancers have in themselves to deliver a difficult performance flawlessly.

Certainly Maffre’s angular figure is in sharp contrast to more diminutive ballerinas, but she has played her height to advantage, never trying to undermine it but rather doing everything possible to understand and capture its uniqueness.

Indeed Maffre’s enviable 6 foot plus stature en pointe and Scott-Gilbert’s grand reach charge the audience with an enthusiasm and excitement…when simply in their presence.

Not one who enjoys the melodrama of “retirement”, Maffre instead chose to “leave” the San Franciso Ballet in 2007. Though she will be greatly missed, we respect her for listening to her instincts in terms of the timing of her decision. Join us in celebrating her as you like then share this video with others.


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