A Quarreling Pair – Bill T. Jones and Arnie Zane Dance Company

Voice overs with audience laughter and commentary…and the “show” begins. And what a show it is. What might otherwise have ended up a frustrating exercise with differing elements that never quite came together, A Quarreling Pair gives us a far different experience.

This variety show is a mix of theater, dance, and film but a mix that actually becomes one. Based on Jane Bowles’ 1945 puppet play, A Quarreling Pair is about two sisters with the attention on the adventures of the sister who strikes out on her own to experience the world. We see them as shadow puppets, danced by Leah Cox and Paul Matteson.

A theatrical performance of words, images, movement, and dance, A Quarreling Pair is stunning and certainly one of Bill T. Jones’ best of “show!”

Laugh, smile, love, and cry. A Quarreling Pair will capture it all, just as it captures its audiences and brings them “onstage” right along with its dancers. You can’t escape. Don’t even try. Like then share A Quarreling Pair in all its unquestioned complexity.


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