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  • Alvin Ailey Dance Theater – Dudley Williams

    Alvin Ailey Dance Theater – Dudley Williams

    After the longest dancing career of any known dancer in the United States, Dudley Williams retired in 2005. As demanding as dance is, Williams seemed to have the type of body that refused to give up. Though he tried several times to audition with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, Ailey refused him, feeling he was more destined for ballet. However, Williams was finally accepted and was with the Ailey company until Ailey’s death in 1989 and beyond. It wasn’t […]

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  • Polina Semionova – A Tribute

    Polina Semionova – A Tribute

    A dream come true, Polina’s dream… Enjoy this lovely montage, an engaging tribute to ballerina Polina Semionova, now with the American Ballet Theatre.

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  • Polina Semionova – Ballet Tribute Montage 2010

    Polina Semionova – Ballet Tribute Montage 2010

    Enjoy this beautiful collection of photographs of Polina Semionova. Please like then share these lovely photographs with others.

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  • Polina Semionova

    Polina Semionova

    Ballet with heart.. A ballerina with soul.. Music: Letzter Tag by Herbert Groenemeyer. When Semionova’s appearance in Herbert Groenemeyer’s music video, Letzter Tag, was uploaded to YouTube, it was then that Semionova became known not only to the dance world but to the general public as well. A former ballet dancer and Principal with the Berlin State Opera, Semionova is now dancing with the American Ballet Theater. Semionova exudes a loveliness and naturalness that is captivating beyond words. Semionova’s exacting […]

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  • Lisa Bufano

    Lisa Bufano

    Lisa Bufano reaches for the sky once again…this time with prosthetics. Though not always comfortable being watched and having little desire to discuss how she ended up an amputee, Lisa finds that when she’s performing, a type of tension is produced that actually can evolve into strength. Lisa much prefers to share her love of art with us which includes sculpture, stop-motion animation, doll-making, and, of course, modern dance. If you feel as I do, that Lisa has much to […]

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  • So You Think You Can Dance – Allison Becker

    So You Think You Can Dance – Allison Becker

    Allison Becker, age 21 from Keller, TX, on So You Think You Can Dance. Allison contracted spinal meningitis at 15 months of age. Her parents were told that as a consequence she’d end up deaf, blind, or would die. Fortunately, her life was spared. Sadly, she lost her hearing. Despite this challenge, however, this beautiful young woman goes on to defy the odds. As you watch this video would you guess that she’s unable to hear music and is only […]

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  • Lisa Bufano – Five Open Mouths

    Lisa Bufano – Five Open Mouths

    An interdisciplinary artist from Boston, MA, Lisa Bufano is a portrait in determination, resilience, and bravery. A bilaterial below-the-knee and fingers-thumbs amputee, Lisa almost lost her life at age 21 to a staphylococcus bacterial infection. Lisa’s performance career began when her web site was found by a professor at the University of Linz who was researching amputees’ lives. As a consequence she was offered a stipend to perform in Vienna. In her work she not only uses her body as […]

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  • Black Light Theatre – Jiri Srnec

    Black Light Theatre – Jiri Srnec

    In 1959 Jiri Srnec, father of modern “black light theatre” and who named it such, presented his ensemble in its first performance in Vienna. However, it wasn’t until the Theatre Festival in Edinburgh in 1962 that it made its actual debut in a sold-out arena. The ensemble went on to enjoy international acclaim as it continued to perform in Europe as well as in America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. In 2011 Jiri Srnec was awarded Czechoslovakia’s highest state decoration from […]

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  • Image Theatre – Black Box

    Image Theatre – Black Box

    Founded in 1989 by Eva Asterova, formerly with the Czech ballet company, Image Theatre introduced into black theater elements such as modern dance and non-verbal acting while focusing on the characteristics of individual scenes. Over the year black light theater has developed into an entertainment with its own unique structure, core, and sophistication. It delights audiences worldwide with its blend of theater, modern dance, mime, and playfulness. In this black box performance you’ll see more of what is possible with […]

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  • Attraction Black Light Theatre – Magyarország Hungary

    Attraction Black Light Theatre – Magyarország Hungary

    Founded in 2004 by Zoltan Szucs, Attraction Black Light Theatre was the first, and continues to be, the only black dance theater in Hungary.

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