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  • I Had a Blue Bicycle, They Have a Blue Bicycle

    I Had a Blue Bicycle, They Have a Blue Bicycle

    I Have a Blue bicycle, They Have a Blue Bicycle, choreographed by Marina Mascarell Martinez. Martinez danced with Nederlands dans Theater I and II, then began creating works for the CaDance Festival in The Hague, the Scapino Ballet, Rotterdam as well as Lament for Upcoming Choreographers. Some mime, definitely theater, and a wee bit of dance….

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  • Sideways Rain, excerpt 1 – Alias

    Sideways Rain, excerpt 1 – Alias

    Brazilian choreographer: Guilherme Botelho Dancers: the Swiss troupe, Alias Sideways Rain refers to…sideways movement which quickly becomes apparent within seconds of watching…Sideways! The story doesn’t end here though…as I’ll explain in a moment. As for the movement? Well, the dancers seem to inexplicably be the source of the movement itself, with no suggestion of any beginning or end. And since the dancers seemed to move at the same pace, there’s no sense of momentum. The exception to this is when […]

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  • Dissolve in This – Johan Inger – Nederlands Dans Theater I and II

    Dissolve in This – Johan Inger – Nederlands Dans Theater I and II

    Sometimes what seems apparent really isn’t. And even though Dissolve in This includes 16 dancers, this work is clearly meant for the individual. However, even as Inger chooses to focus on the individual, he reaches for the universal elements of time and transformation…which would have little meaning without the individual as a medium.

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  • Walking Mad – Johan Inger

    Walking Mad – Johan Inger

    Walking Mad, a stunning work created by Johan Inger for Netherlands Dans Theater in 2001.. As Socrates once said, “Our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness, provided the madness is given us by divine gift.” It was this belief that was the inspiration for Inger’s Walking Mad when he happened to view on tv an old black and white recording of Bolero with conductor Zubin Mehta and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. A choreographic under-taking about the dramatic […]

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  • Sonya Tayeh – The Carnival: Choreographer’s Ball

    Sonya Tayeh – The Carnival: Choreographer’s Ball

    An American dancer and choreographer, Sonya Tayeh calls her style combat jazz. She describes it as “…staccato, aggressive, and engaged, even when it’s slow…” In her own words, “I’m always ready for battle.” This piece, performed at The Carnival: Choreographer’s Ball, 2012, has a very futuristic feel to it though it’s occasionally “interrupted” with an almost classical nod. Tayeh’s choreography has an angularity and abruptness to it, but she puts it together in a way that makes it work. You […]

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  • Cullberg Ballet: Position of Elsewhere

    Cullberg Ballet: Position of Elsewhere

    A three-art production, Position of Elsewhere is Johan Inger’s second full-length work. It takes us into Inger’s reflection on the past as he contemplates his history with the Cullberg Ballet as its artistic director.

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  • 40m Under – Trailer – Cullbergbaletten (Cullberg Ballet)

    40m Under – Trailer – Cullbergbaletten (Cullberg Ballet)

    Choreography and production: Alexander Ekman and Martin Steinberg 40m Under, recorded in 2009 at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, is Alexander Ekman’s first significant dance film. 40m Under is set in the institute in a former nuclear reactor hall. Depicting an underground installation, the choreography is quirky and humorous. The dancers are portrayed as take-charge, dominant personalities, more reinforced, according to Ekman, on film than on stage. And you can understand why this would be the case given […]

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  • Bad Boys of Dance – Düsseldorf, Germany

    Bad Boys of Dance – Düsseldorf, Germany

    A very sexy Bad Boys of Dance as it celebrated its Dusseldorf premiere in April of 2010.. Talented, athletic, and wildly entertaining, Bad Boys of Dance was founded by Rasta Thomas. In 1998, Thomas, at age 16, was given special permission to enter the senior division of the USA International Ballet Competition. He ended up winning “the gold”, becoming the youngest to win in this division. This distinction was previously held by Mikhail Baryshnikov who won the same award at […]

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  • AXIS Dance Company – Foregone

    AXIS Dance Company – Foregone

    Foregone, premiered 2007. There are never as many possibilities as when you take them away. Out of limitations and frustration there often comes courage, creativity, and many more possibilities. What may be effortless for those who are disabled is often difficult for those who are not disabled. Similarly what is difficult for those disabled is probably not difficult for those not disabled. It urges us to redefine “normal.” These are the lessons we learn from AXIS Dance Company, a company […]

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  • Eurythmy – Beethoven, 7th Symphony 1st Movement

    Eurythmy – Beethoven, 7th Symphony 1st Movement

    As we look at “dance” in a broader context, dance actually becomes distilled down into….simply, movement. And certainly movement with its freedom of expression has been the jumping off point for eurythmy, movement art that was the brain child of Rudolf Steiner who developed his “Philosophy of Freedom” along with its accompanying voluntary association, The Eurythmy Association of North America. So what exactly is the philosophy of eurythmy? At its core is the goal of simply empowering our lives through […]

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