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  • Sidi Larbi Chekaoui & Antony Gormley – Sutra

    Sidi Larbi Chekaoui & Antony Gormley – Sutra

    Monks from the Shaolin Temple in China and their collaboration with Sidi Larbi Chekaoui and Antony Gormley present us with Sutra, a striking performance that won the highly esteemed Ballettanz Production of the Year award. The stage sets, 21 identical boxes; the mesmerizing score of Szymon Brzoska, the Polish composer; and the martial arts choreography give us lively entertainment. Some would say this isn’t dance; others would disagree. If you enjoyed Sutra, that’s probably all that really matters. Whether you […]

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  • Rootlessroot Company –  UNA (Unknown Negative Activity)

    Rootlessroot Company – UNA (Unknown Negative Activity)

    Expressionless faces, human shells hollowed out by an immoral industrial society … Faces which have lost their souls. Wasted. Tired. Frustrated. Tormented. Empty. Inspired by the Unabomber, Theodeor Kaczynski, UNA screams at us, pleads with us: “Return to a simpler way of life.” If you enjoy the very unusual blending of theater, music, song, dance, and speech in this disturbing performance, please like then share with others.

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  • Jasmin Vardimon Company – 7734 (2010)

    Jasmin Vardimon Company – 7734 (2010)

    Israeli-born choreographer, Jasmi Vardimon, gives us the complex, the dramatic, and sometimes the completely unexpected in 7734. Inventive! Gripping! And heart-wrenching…when you think of all the good that man is capable of but then how inhumane man can be in contrast. The images that you see and the emotions that they evoke are extremely powerful, so much so that they almost make you ache. But that’s what 7734 is about. It’s about forcing an introspection into our humanity with all […]

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  • Jasmin Vardimon Company – Yesterday

    Jasmin Vardimon Company – Yesterday

    Dramatic, relentlessly intense, and emotional… So beautifully executed! I love the sequence at 1’30.” How easily and skillfully this young man moves to the floor and then back up again. What amazing coordination and strength. I hope you enjoy this brief video taken from a compilation of the first decade of Vardimon’s works. If you love the passionate work of Jasmin Vardimon, please like then share this with others.    

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  • Black Grace

    Black Grace

    A different kind of dance…. A different kind of modern dance… Black Grace This original troupe of Pacific Islander and Maori men made an unusual artistic journey that started as a group of friends from a small New Zealand town outside of Wellington who began dancing together without any kind of formal training. In fact, their only experience had been hip hop. Their playful natures, physicality, and athleticism brought electrifying performances to New Zealand, performances that drove their journey all […]

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  • Jasmin Vardimon – Justitia

    Jasmin Vardimon – Justitia

    Welcome to Justitia, a dramatic performance of a murder trial that gives us a narrative brilliantly supported by movement while enhanced by it at the same time. The revolving screen makes Justitia work. The creative genius behind Justitia holds it together in a way that much dance theater hasn’t been able to. Choreographed by Jasmin Vardimon who has recently been appointed as an Associate Artist of Sadler’s Wells… Justitia, dance theater…and dance theater at its best. If you enjoy dance […]

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  • Rosie Kay Dance Company – The Wild Party

    Rosie Kay Dance Company – The Wild Party

    It’s wild. It’s sexy. It’s decadent. Based on the jazz poem by Joseph Moncure March, The Wild Party, Rosie Kay’s cutting edge choreography comes with everything you’d expect of the Gatsby era golden age… …the reaction against the social repression, sexual morays, and conservatism post WWI. After all, it’s the Jazz Age…with the “loosening” of society’s behavioral restrictions. And Rosie Kay’s The Wild Party? Wonderfully creative, “loose”, …and just plain superb. If you enjoy the imaginative world of dance theater, […]

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  • Rosie Kay Dance Company – Asylum

    Rosie Kay Dance Company – Asylum

    Creating works of refined athleticism and intelligent dance, Rosie Kay Dance Company tours throughout the UK as well as internationally. This innovative company has been nominated as Best Independent Dance Company by the National Dance Awards, Critics Circle 2012, results to be announced toward the end of January 2013. Always thoughtful, always moving dance forward as it explores newer and more interesting frontiers, please like then share Rosie Kay Dance Company with others.

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  • Dance Umbrella 2007 – The Closest-The Furthest, Danced by Jin Xing

    Dance Umbrella 2007 – The Closest-The Furthest, Danced by Jin Xing

    The Closest-The Furthest was part of Dance Umbrella 2007, the most important dance festival in Britain, which some feel has out-lived its time because of the high profile currently enjoyed by modern dance. In The Closest-The Furthest, Jin Xing portrays an incense ceremony and a cleansing ritual as she shares a part of the GuQin’s thousand-year history. The GuQin is a Chinese musical instrument with seven strings that is part of the zither family. Used by ancient Chinese emperors, the […]

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  • Shen Wei Dance Arts – Connect Transfer

    Shen Wei Dance Arts – Connect Transfer

    Shen Wei sees the arts as being connected to one another rather than as being separate from one another. In his work the question then becomes how each medium relates to the others. Even parts of the body are seen as relating to one another…just as the different dancers’ bodies relate to each other as well. Connecting; combining; transferring weight; constant physical contact; one body part linking with another, disengaging, then linking to a different body part. The dance, the […]

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