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  • Caroline Hipple Holpin – Dansa Serpentina

    Caroline Hipple Holpin – Dansa Serpentina

    What a wonderful time this “skirt dancer” appears to be having. You can’t help but notice her infectious smile! In the style of Loie Fuller and Annabelle Moore, we see the voluminous yards of flowing fabric as it catches the light with the dancer’s movements. (The film is obviously hand tinted.) The dancer supposedly is Caroline Hipple Holpin, known as Papinta the Flame Dancer, whose performances became very popular throughout the United States, Europe, and South Africa in the early […]

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  • Annabelle Moore – Serpentine Dance (1894, Edison)

    Annabelle Moore – Serpentine Dance (1894, Edison)

    Annabelle Moore, silent film actress and dancer, was the original Gibson Girl in the Ziegfeld Follies. She made several films for Edison and Biograph. A follower of Loie Fuller, Ms Moore dances in true Fuller style. Her films were often hand colored, enjoying such popularity that many became so worn they had to be re-done. If you enjoy early film dance and the beginnings of modern dance, please like then share this with others.

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  • Butterfly Dance – Annabelle Moore

    Butterfly Dance – Annabelle Moore

    This is from a “dance film” made in the mid to late 1890s for American Mutoscope. The dancer, Annabelle Moore, dances in the style of Loie Fuller in her theatrical use of color, movement, lighting, and fabric. The choreography is graceful, but, of course, it’s a different kind of grace than we know today. And certainly the modern dance technique of today is far different than anything we could have expected in the late 1800s. But this video is probably […]

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  • Isadora Duncan Ensemble

    Isadora Duncan Ensemble

    Though revolutionizing dance in the late 1800s wasn’t initially accepted in America, Isadora Duncan eventually earned recognition and wide acclaim in Europe and later in America for doing so. Duncan’s style of dance was never codified into a technique. However, her philosophy, her style of dance, and departure from ballet secured her place in history as a pioneer of modern dance. Watch as the Isadora Duncan Ensemble performs classic Duncan style, a style untethered by the restraint of ballet technique […]

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  • Clair de Lune – Time Lapse Dance

    Clair de Lune – Time Lapse Dance

    Clair de Lune, choreographed and performed by Jody Sperling, founder of Time Lapse Dance, 2000… Time Lapse Dance is a modern dance company that blends experimental dance with circus arts. This clip is delightful, taking us back to the time of Loie Fuller, the skirt dancer, with her huge swaths of moving fabric; lyrical choreography; and rich, theatrical lighting. This is very much a visual performance…a mesmerizing, kinetic experience. Enjoy going back to the golden age of Loie Fuller, then […]

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  • Complexions Contemporary Ballet – 2010-2011

    Complexions Contemporary Ballet – 2010-2011

    Some of this; some of that. This clip will give you an idea of what Complexions is all about but not a lot else. Parts of several different movement sequences were put together, so the results are pretty disjointed. Complexions’ choreography gives us a wide range of style such as ballet blended with rock-and-roll, gospel, pop; and diversity of culture and music. However, this short clip doesn’t give us that nor the excitement and cohesiveness found in a more complete […]

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  • Complexions Contemporary Ballet

    Complexions Contemporary Ballet

    This was probably one of my least favorite clips of Complexions. It felt a little boring and similar to other Complexions’ numbers . However, the last part starting at :59 was more inspirational. I believe the outstanding dancer in front is Mark Caserta who has been a guest teacher at Broadway Dance Center in New York. The dancers’ attire at :30 I’m not so sure about. For me it was a bit distracting. If you enjoy Complexions’ style of artistry, […]

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  • Ballet Boyz: The Talent

    Ballet Boyz: The Talent

    Even though Ballet Boyz has been around more than 20 years, it is still bold and cutting edge. This all-male troupe takes on a surprisingly different feel, one where they work to showcase their individual talents yet at the same time do so in a collaborative, non competitive way. Innovative and unique, Ballet Boyz has a style all its own. They’re at the same time elegant yet strong and energetic. Fearless, innovative, and original, Ballet Boyz, now fourteen years since […]

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  • Complexions Montage 2010

    Complexions Montage 2010

    Very much a montage to the extent that almost none of the sequences seem truly finished before moving into another. Incredible physicality though it sometimes appears somewhat forced. And the technician that can’t be missed? Desmond Richardson, of course If you enjoy the gymnastic quality of Complexions Contemporary Ballet, please like then share with others.

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  • Complexions Contemporary Ballet – Promo 2011-2012

    Complexions Contemporary Ballet – Promo 2011-2012

    Notice the influence of Alvin Ailey in this short video clip? It’s unmistakable. Notice, also, the range of emotions expressed by the dancers as well as the interactions of the dancers with one another. Very much complexions Contemporary Ballet… And putting Desmond Richardson front and center? Certainly one of the main reasons Complexions exists… If you enjoy the diversity of ideas expressed in Complexions choreography, I hope you’ll like then share this with others who appreciate this explosive dance company.

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