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  • Momix – Lunar Sea (Sun Flower Moon)

    Momix – Lunar Sea (Sun Flower Moon)

    Watch these skillfully choreographed sequences while seeing the effect of black lighting. The black parts of the dancers’ bodysuits can’t be seen against the black background while the phosphorescent white of their costumes reflects the black lighting. The resulting special effects are seen in the mesmerizing, other-worldly, constantly changing shapes created by the dancers’ movements. Do the dancers appear to float in space as if they’re in a weightless environment? Well, that was Moses Pendleton’s intent, that the piece appear […]

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  • Momix


    Founded in 1980 by Moses Pendleton, one of the founding members of Pilobolus Dance Theatre, Momix is creative, witty, every-changing shape. Props and large pieces of fabric, light and shadow… These are dancers, but dancers who are illusionists. Clever and fun. They are a “mix”; they are Momix. Momix is a feed supplement for veal calves. If you enjoy the unusual in dance, please like then share this with others.

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  • José Limón – The Traitor

    José Limón – The Traitor

    Inspired by the betrayal of Judas by Jesus, The Traitor is Jose Limon’s reaction to the McCarthy hearings of the 1950s and the blacklisting of many in the entertainment industry based on their political affiliations or beliefs. Limon was more interested in expression through movement rather than the movement itself. He emphasized clean, precise use of the body with this students, downplaying movement that was unnecessary or that didn’t reflect the choreography’s communicative intent. If you enjoy Limon’s beautiful shapes […]

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  • Jose Limon – The Moor’s Pavane

    Jose Limon – The Moor’s Pavane

    The Moor’s Pavane, Jose Limon’s movement interpretation of Shakespeare’s Othello.. So little movement; so much theater. In Jose Limon’s own words he was more the actor’s dancer than the dancer’s dancer. This we see in this short clip from The Moor’s Pavane. Limon’s intent was to tell the story of Othello through gesture. And probably no one more than Limon was able to “hold the stage” as well as he with so minimum an amount of movement. Though Limon moved […]

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  • Body Motion: Modern Dance Workout

    Body Motion: Modern Dance Workout

    Watch this full body workout. While level 1 introduces you to basic, foundational movements, level 2 is for more advanced dancers who want to strengthen their balance and improve their technique. Taught by Kat Worthington, an experienced dancer and teacher, this trailer for the full dvd promises that over time you’ll notice improvement in muscle tone as well as danceability. From cheekygirlsproductions.com If you enjoy improving your own ability to dance, please like then share this video.

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  • Lester Horton Technique Class – Beginning Advanced

    Lester Horton Technique Class – Beginning Advanced

    As is typical of many Lester Horton classes, this beginning advanced class begins in a standing position. This is unlike other modern dance techniques many of which start from a seated position. The Horton technique is a corrective technique as well as one that focuses on building strong bodies in order to prepare the dancer for whatever form of dance he chooses. In watching the exercises you will notice that many of them work on building strength in the back. […]

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  • Katherine Dunham on “Shango”

    Katherine Dunham on “Shango”

    Not only was Dunham an innovator in African-American modern dance, but she was also influential as a dance anthropologist. Listen to Katherine Dunham tell us about Shango, one of the African gods that was part of the African Diaspora. Accordingly to Dunham, Shango was probably the strongest of the African gods. Capable of bringing about good or evil, Shango was worshipped throughout the Caribbean and South America. I hope you enjoyed this video of Katherine Dunham and that you’re inspired […]

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  • Katherine Dunham – Stormy Weather

    Katherine Dunham – Stormy Weather

    Katherine Dunham was likely the most instrumental dancer and choreographer in bringing awareness of African cultures to the forefront of our consciousness through dance. Not surprisingly, we see a blend of African as well as other cultures in Dunham’s choreography. In Stormy Weather, the musical based on the life of its star, dancer Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Dunham and her dancers are seen on a rainy city street moving and dancing in a manner suggestive of black social dancing. The scene […]

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  • Ailey 2 – Shards

    Ailey 2 – Shards

    On the one hand Shards is very balletic…in much of the choreography, characterization, and feel. Yet it also gives the appearance of “other than” ballet especially in much of the upper body movement including the arm work. Creative in a way that makes us question who Ailey is, then brings him back to us in a way that we recognize him… This is Shards. Choreographed against the haunting sound of Mio Morales, this provides yet more contrast, dimension, and perhaps […]

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  • Firebird – Alvin Ailey Dance Theater

    Firebird – Alvin Ailey Dance Theater

    Choreographed by Maurice Bejart in 1970, Firebird expresses the spirit of divine inspiration as danced by Clifton Brown, the Firebird. Or it may be that Bejart was suggesting the principles of communism in this work. If so, the other dancers in gray costume may represent those who are inspired and unified by Firebird. Some critics feel that Brown, despite his incredible talent, may not have the technical precision that Firebird, as a ballet, requires. Whatever your opinion, there’s little question […]

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